Q: What Is Prevail Fitness?


APrevail Fitness Coaching Solutions,LLC is a solutions based Lifestyle & Wellness COACHING service, servicing Greenville, Spartanburg South Carolina and surrounding areas. PFCS consists of two passions … Fitness and Wellness (Spiritual Wellness) geared toward ages 18 and older. PFCS offers solutions to those  who deal with fitness fears or worries that negatively impacts your wellness & fitness goals, by providing 1-on-1 rhetorical (verbal) encouragement coaching alone with… on the spot stress management/reduction & relaxation techniques to accompany you on your journey to prevailing over fitness fears of any kind… Intimidation♦I’m going to fail♦Crowds bother me♦I’m afraid I won’t stick with it♦Fear of public gyms♦Afraid of possible injury♦Fear of inability♦Introvert/shy♦I don’t know where to start? 

Coach Isaac personally wants to walk with you through your journey of prevailing over these fears! 

PFCS promotes optimal health & well-being for your personal, private or professional life.

NOTE: Only upon your request can these topics be addressed from a biblical perspective. All conversations are kept 100% confidential.


Q: Who is Prevail Fitness for?

ASessions are designed to deal with the challenges of anyone who deals with fitness fears and/or worries in relation to wellness and fitness. Each session will be uniquely tailored to address your specific needs or goals, addressing concerns of fitness challenges, discouragement, feelings of displacement, or simply feelings of giving up on your fitness goals.

Q: How long is each session?

AEach session is set for 30 minute increments, offered weekly or bi-weekly. Coaching session availability is unlimited as long as slots remain available by appointment only (apt to change). It is recommended to secure at least four (4) sessions, as each session will use the NASM “Lifestyle Modification and Behavioral Coaching” curriculum. Choosing all four sessions is not mandatory but is highly encouraged, because each session is designed to move you closer to your goals with time to digest each session’s purpose.

Q: What should I expect in each session?

A: Encouragement to face your fitness goals, fears and challenges from a non-threatening and private environment. Coaching sessions are not ‘hands-on’ as in the gym environment, but focuses more on motivation & encouragement by providing verbal advice in a One-on-One, Face-to-Face setting, accompanied by Relaxation & Stress Reduction techniques.

Each session will ALWAYS begin with RELAXATION TECHNIQUES !

  • Proper seated posture for maximum oxygen levels
  • The use of ‘The Metronome Relaxation System”
  • Proper full-breath/deep-breath (diaphragmatic breathing)


Stress Reduction/Management:

Session 1 Accepting who you are: Every situation etc. that you have faced in life can be used as stepping stones. How is that accomplished? (also includes 10-15 mins. of relaxation techniques)
Session 2 Tapping into your Spiritual side: Everyone has a Spiritual component/part that craves more self-meaning & purpose. How do you find it? (also includes 10-15 mins. of relaxation techniques)
Session 3 Forgiveness: Every inner emotional hurt we face is linked to a person, and not a thing. How do you break the chains of emotional attachments and ties? (also includes 10-15 mins. of relaxation techniques)
Session 4 Physical Fitness & the overall release of stress on the body: How does exercise help you to release physical & emotional stress? (also includes 10-15 mins. of relaxation techniques) 
NOTE: A 5th session is recommended that will solely focus on tying all of these aspects together, tailored to meet your ultimate goal(s)!

Q: Where Are Coaching Sessions Held?

A: Sessions are held at a designated conference room at the Spartanburg County Public Library(main branch) or the Spartanburg County Library (Note: Libraries are not affiliated with PFCS), with both being located in South Carolina.

PFCS Has A Goal Too : Each session will be instrumental in helping to build up clientele with the possibility of opening a fitness studio in the near future that would include coaching sessions in an environment that deals with your unique challenges. Thank you for helping me to meet this future goal by your participation in utilizing this service!

FREE 30 Minute Consultation. You can choose to opt out of the consultation period and proceed directly into the coaching sessions if you so desire. NOTE: The Consultation must be held during a separate time apart from the actual coaching session.

Q: What Is The Metronome Relaxation System ?


CLICK HERE For A Mini Coaching Session As Isaac Explains The “MRS”


AIt all starts at a distinctive rhythmic sound that the developing fetus in a mothers’ womb connects with; the sound of the mother’s heart beat…

You’re having a casual drive down the road in your vehicle, an suddenly another driver pulls out in front of you. Even though the other driver may have pulled out in front of you within a safe distance; regardless, it will typically create a feeling of brief disgust! The same feelings seem to emerge when being stopped by a red light. Have you ever wondered what causes that negative feeling?? Well read on.

Each of us are born with an innate inner rhythm/pulse that connects with our surroundings or environment in which we exist/live, that all started from the sound of our mother’s heartbeat.

What if you were able to regulate your inner rhythm to be almost perfectly timed to the pace of your outside world resulting in feelings of calm and relax, even when your inner rhythm is interrupted or broken (yes, even when that driver pulls out right in front of you)? Most drivers get upset over such an occurrence and fail to realize it’s only because her/his inner rhythm was interrupted or broken.

The answer may be found in a small device called the “Metronome.” The metronome is a device that is predominately used by musicians, dating back to the 9th century. It functions by producing metrical ticks (beats, clicks) that aids a musician in keeping a consistent tempo in a piece of music.

I have taken this same concept; but zoned in my focus solely on the metronome’s metrical rhythm and uniquely blended it to regulate the inner rhythm/pulse of my clients by administering the use of my latest development The Metronome Relaxation System.


Q: How Is The Metronome Relaxation System Used During A Coaching Session?

A:  The metronome is capable of delivering a tick tone ranging from 40-208 beats per minute (BPM). The client is first asked to determine what BPM range feels right for her/him. The client is quickly able to recognize and feel what BPM amplitude level feels right for her/him that connects with their inner comfort level.

Once the client acknowledges and recognizes her/his comfort zone, Isaac will then gradually increase the BPM amplitude levels that will subconsciously simulate an environment that is a fast paced environment (e.g. , trying to get the kids off to school, fast paced work environment, rush hour traffic etc.).

Q: Why Is the Metronome Relaxation System So Different From Your Conventional Relaxation Techniques?

A:   Your typical or conventional relaxation methods will usually instruct its participants to practice relaxation techniques in quiet or a place of calm and solitude. However Isaac recognized that for the average adult population such an environment is only a temporary fix. For most, the majority of our 24 hour period is spent in an environment that is fast paced, so why wouldn’t you want to have the skill set to maintain a relaxed state of mind during such fast paced encounters? That is exactly why Isaac encourages his clients to practice his relaxation techniques right in the middle of these heightened or intense environmental settings; by simulating such environments with the use of the metronome’s amplitude variations.

Following these sessions the client should be able to mentally rehearse the distinctive sound of the metronome at its higher BPM amplitude level and yet maintain a posture of relaxation & calm.

Disclaimer: While it remains PFCS’ desire to see the same positive outcomes in each individual client, it should be understood that each client differs in results and effectiveness of The Metronome Relaxation System. Continuous and regular practice will always yield best and lasting results. It should be further understood that such methods should not be confused with any form of therapy, but simply as methods to relax the body naturally. Techniques may or may not be scientifically supported.